About The Founder


Hi, I'm Nik Johnson.   My two greatest passions in life are diving and travelling and when I get to combine them I'm in my element. 

I am a certified recreational and technical diver with certifications through PADI, SDI and TDI.  I've always loved the water ever since being a kid growing up in New Zealand.  My first inspiration came from watching The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau which got me hooked.  So when my school ran a dive course I was at the first in line signing up. Thankfully my parents supported (i.e. paid for) my passion for being underwater and I got my first PADI certification, Junior Open Water in 1986.  

My love of dive travel has led me to dive in many places around the world including New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Egypt. With many more on the list to do.  

I'm a keen advocate for dive safety, and have had a couple of incidents myself over the years.  Some due to equipment failures, some due to the unsafe practices of others and some entirely my own fault.  Fortunately I wasn't hurt in any of them, but if I take a hard look at them they were all avoidable in one way or another. 

As well as my own experiences I've also read and listened to the experiences of others to understand what has led to incidents or potential incidents, and we're looking to incorporate features where possible that can help to reduce the risk of diving for everyone. 

My goal is to make diving more enjoyable and safer for everyone one we touch.  So you'll find a lot of the features in our products are aimed at that, but also we're going to be doing a features on diver safety, sharing the content that we think is valuable from others on it  and looking at some of the simple things we can do to help reduce our risk.  

Safe diving. Nik