Dive Light Shop Lanyard

We've taken the humble bolt snap and made it better, by converting it into a lanyard with shock cord.  This is our own design and we believe it combines the best of both worlds.  
Something that we like with our recreational diving lanyards is being able to have a bit of stretch in them. Hang things off your BCD that you can grab and use when you want them but they are pulled back in close to you when you're not using them.  That's why we created these.  They allow that bit of stretch so when you want to use your dive light (or any other accessory) you can move it around freely, but they keep it close to you when you're not using it. 
Why metal snap bolts over plastic clips?
  • They are a lot stronger.
  • They can be used one handed.
  • They attach and detach easily from all D-Rings. We've found that sometimes the plastic clips can be hard to get on and off the larger sized D-Rings. Due to the wide opening bolt snaps are always easy to attach and detach. 
We always need to attach things to our equipment to free up our hands, and bolt snaps are the ideal way to do that. Nothing to hang down and snag on things, they can be operated one handed, and and being stainless steel they are sturdy and won't be broken like something made from plastic. 

The reason bolt snaps are attached with cave line to the torch is so if they ever get stuck and thereby are making the diver stuck the idea is they can be cut where the cave line attaches and free the diver.   
  • $20