• Dive Lantern D11 (1,100 lumen)

Dive Lantern D11 (1,100 lumen)

This light is quite unique in that it has a 5 degree beam angle and where the light is focussed in the hot spot with very little light in the halo.  This gives the D11 quite a specific use case.  It is an excellent light during the day where a narrow beam angle will punch further through the water and provide a brighter hot spot that can be seen clearly with ambient light.

It's also excellent as a tech diving light, the narrow beam is excellent for signalling and means in a silt out it will minimise the light reflected back at the divers eyes.  Anywhere where there is poor visibility this will be a great light, but on a night dive in clear water something with more light in the halo will give the diver more visibility across the reef. 


Output Levels and Runtimes High: 1100 lm / 4 hrs
Low: 500 lm / 8 hrs
Beam Angle 5 Degree
Depth Rating 100 m
Battery 26650 li-ion re-chargeable
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
Charger 2A USB charger
Charge Time Approx. 4 hours
Weight (incl battery) 275g
Size 158 x 55mm
Warranty 2 Year
Included in Box Light, battery, charger, wrist lanyard,
spare o-rings and quick start guide



  • $169