Dive Lantern Universal Goodman Glove


Great for keeping your hands free while still having your torch handy. These are especially good on a wreck when you're using your light all the time and want to keep your hands free.

This is a universal fit and will hold all lights with a body diameter from 18 - 38mm.  In our range this includes: Core10, D10, D11, D17, D26, D40, V11, VM27, V40, and VM35.  It does have quite a lot of adjustment to fit around different sized hands but for people with very small or very large hands it might not fit.  

Features include:

* Adjustable velcro strap to go around the hand. Adjustable enough to fit with or without a glove for an average sized hand.
* Loop to secure your light to the glove.
* Durable canvas construction with and neoprene around the internal areas for comfort.

  • $29