Signal light

Signal Lights For Night Dives

If you've ever been on a night dive turned around to look at something, and then back to see two divers going in different directions not knowing which is your buddy, then these are for you. 

Also great for identifying who is who on a night dive, if groups are wearing different colours.  Hang them on your tank or BC so they can be clearly seen. 

These are one of the smallest and lightest (16 grams) signal lights on the market and have positive buoyancy so they will sit slightly above the diver or tank making them easy to see.

Burn time: up to 200 hours

Battery: LR44. It's user-replaceable and it comes with a spare.  

Weight: 16g

Colours: Red, white, blue, green and orange

Switch:  Simple twist on and off operation.

Accessories: Comes with a sturdy lanyard for easy attachment.


  • $29