Stainless Steel Bolt Snaps (small - large)

We always need to attach things to our equipment to free up our hands, and bolt snaps are the ideal way to do that. Nothing to hang down and snag on things, they can be operated one handed, and being stainless steel they are sturdy and won't be broken like something made from plastic. 

These bolt snaps are made from: 
  • Premium quality stainless steel body and spring so they won't corrode
  • Smooth action with no sharp edges, so the bolt runs straight and smooth
They come in three sizes of single bolt snaps as well as double ended bolt snap: 

Small (3"/7.5cm) : Ideal for regulators, dive lights, SPG's and regulators

Medium (3.5"/9cm): A good middle option. Good for dive lights and accessories if you like a larger more positive feel to the bolt snap. 

Large (4.5"/11.5cm): Ideal for bailout/stage cylinders or when you're wearing gloves . 

Double Ended (4.5"/11.5cm):   Great for finger spools, lift bags, surface markers, camera equipment, scooter tow line, or anything else that requires a temporary attachment. 
  • $14